Use Green Energy Power, Should we? Shouldn’t We?

Use Green Energy

Use Green Energy

Use green energy, should we? We associate the use of green energy to try and stop global warming. Some people consider global warming is a fallacy others contend that it is happening shown by the increasing ferocious weather being experienced throughout the world.

It would appear that a lot of the skeptics see that if global warming is proved to be true that it will affect their lifestyle and more importantly big business profits. These profits being derived from areas or products that can be seen as directly responsible for global warming. In this respect they decry those that use green energy. They say that the changes are a natural cycle. Yes, climate changes. Over the million years of the earth’s existence climate changes have been dramatic. But there is one point that seems to be missed by these skeptics, these dramatic changes have happened over thousands of years and would have seemed unnoticeable during people’s lifetime, not over the few years that changes have been apparent lately.

So why should we use green energy more? We should use it more just in case. It has been said that this global warming is because of man and woman. Most of the things we enjoy today is because in the majority caused by the use and manufacture of the things we want. They all use energy to produce. Most of that energy is currently produced by non-sustainable products (i.e. coal, oil, gas, etc.). Those that use green energy contribute only 10% to our energy needs.

Why is this so? It is because huge amounts of money is made from those currently selling or using our natural unsustainable resources. These are gonna run out, you believe it. It also means that any of the beneficial by products of these natural resources are also going to run out. (A lot of medical stuff is derived from oil). Unfortunately by the time they run out we may also be in the poo. The way these have changed the world may have made life unsustainable as we know it today.

I guess the only way we may be able to prevent this is to use green energy more, especially solar energy and stop using things that promotes climate change. Did you know that cows contribute a high proportion of greenhouse gasses more than carbon dioxide. (Methane from passing wind and burping). You can read more about this at “Cows and Green Energy

So what are we to do? Don’t you think we should use green energy more. So how do we do this? By creating our own. There are many ways an individual can generate their own renewable energy from green natural resources. We want energy for the things it will do for us, keep us warm, keep us cool, provide light, power all our electrical gadgets, provide transport and a heap of other things. We do not want to stop using it although there are ways to reduce the need for so much. Heating and cooling are a prime example where houses are built in such a way to waste a lot of the energy producing it.

So lets find out how we can use new green energy technology and also some ways we can stop the waste of this and give those money barons a black eye. There are many ways to use green energy, solar electricity, solar water heating and solar pool heating are just a few ways plus they create green energy jobs.

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