Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Governments have persistently sought ways to reduce your carbon footprint. They seem to always tend to globally work out ways to do this never really taking into account peoples personal responsibility in this regard. True businesses are a large factor in the production of greenhouse gasses always using methods that are the cheapest irregardless of the pollution that is created. In this case it is the responsibility of the government to curtail this.

Unfortunately often governments are complicit in this regard, often to please the people because of the jobs created or by providing subsidies to polluting companies. But what about the individual, the person, are you responsible in ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Looking over this Christmas and new year It seems that little regard is taken considering the mountains of rubbishy gifts and so produced that are quickly discarded into trash. Governments are quick to say spend spend spend in order to get a country out of any financial difficulty it may be in.

It is time for governments to really crack down on waste and wilful projects that are only there to appease our appetite for more and more and bigger and bigger.

So what can a government do to create ways to reduce your carbon footprint?

reduce your carbon footprintIt would be interesting to know what ideas readers have that that could help in this regard. I for one have several ideas that could be done that shows the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately the majority of people are selfish in this regard and the only way to do this in most cases is the penalize the level of pollution people create. In this regard the main offenders are the middle class and the rich.

The richer you are the more pollution you cause. What’s worse you do not even think of this. You say It’s my money I can do what I like with it. If I want a 10,000 square foot house I will build one. Hold on a minute, to build my adequate 2,000 square foot house creates a damn sight less pollution than yours to build and on top of that creates a damn sight less pollution to run it.

We all own this world environment we live in equally, you do not have the right to encroach of on my portion of this environment to satisfy your greed for it. If you want to do this then you pay to help clean it up.

This leads into the first idea a government look at in order find ways to reduce carbon emissions. Look at a house size pollution penalty.as ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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