Climate Change, Can We Stop It?

What are the causes of climate change ? There is a lot of skepticism about climate change. Is it really happening or is it just a natural turn of events? If climate change is not happening what is causing disastrous events around the world. If it is happening what can we do about it? Well, I guess we should look at what may be causing it. But first, maybe we should just look at what the climate change deniers say about some of the things that prove it is not occurring and the rebuttals.

  • The climate changes are natural and are occurring all the time. >
  • Glaziers receding do not mean that climate change is happening. >
  • The Arctic Ice always melts over summer. >
  • Natural emissions occur more than human emissions. >
  • Sea levels are not rising. >
  • The oceans are not getting warmer. >
  • Most carbon dioxide comes from volcanoes. >
  • Scientists do not agree that climate change is happening. >
  • And more.

Reasons why climate change is denied.

It would appear that a lot of the skeptics see that if climate change is proven to be true that it will affect their lifestyle and more importantly big business profits. These profits being derived from areas or products that can be seen as directly responsible for climate change. In this respect, they decry those that use green energy. They say that the climate changes are a natural cycle. Yes, they are right except that climate changes are gradual over thousands of years. Some sudden changes have occurred, but these are due to some drastic occurrences such as a huge meteorite hitting the earth that made the dinosaurs extinct. As these changes happen over thousands of years and would have seemed unnoticeable during people’s lifetime, not over the few years that changes have been appearing lately.

So why should we use natural green energy more? We should use it more just in case. We know something is happening out of the ordinary let’s face it, we have insurance just in case of something happening in our lives. If we don’t and the time arrives that we have reached the stage of catastrophe it’s too late. Apart from this wouldn’t it be nice to breath natural good air anyway without creating illnesses? Just consider how many people have died because of the rubbish thrown into our atmosphere due to pollution. Recently it was reported for the first time that some had died where the cause was determined to be because of pollution in the atmosphere.

climate change

It is said the the causes of climate change due to man and woman. Most of the things we enjoy today are because in the majority it is mainly caused by the use and manufacture of the things we want not what we need. They all use energy to produce. Most of that energy is currently produced by using non-sustainable products (i.e. coal, oil, gas, etc.). Those that use green energy contribute only 10% of our energy needs worldwide. But since writing this post there has been a dramatic increase in those using it. South Australia for example now derives 35% of its needs from renewable energy. (The latest for the country who is now the world leader on natural energy it is over 50%) Hey, guys, there is nothing wrong with wanting things we need or would like because that enables us to enjoy life more. But why should they be produced using energy that has the potential to destroy life as we know it? This is incredibly silly considering that the same things can be produced using green energy.

Why is it that there is such a push against using green energy? It is because huge amounts of money are made from those currently selling or using our natural unsustainable resources. These are gonna run out but before they run out they are going to cause irretrievable damage to our environment and us. Maybe not us today but to our sons and daughters. But we don’t care, we won’t be around but I want as much dosh as I can get and stuff the environment and our sons and daughters future. They can work out how to fix what we have caused. Believe it.

One other point, when these in-ground resources are used up it means that any of the beneficial by-products of them are also going to run out. (A lot of medical stuff is derived from oil). Unfortunately by the time they run out we may already be in the poo anyway..

I guess the only way we may be able to prevent this to understand the causes of climate change and then work out how to use renewable energy more, especially solar energy, wind energy and hydro and stop using things that promotes climate change. Unfortunately, some governments don’t care! In the country where I live, Australia, the current government is pushing to build more coal-fired power stations despite the fact that most Australians don’t want them. Most of us want more investment in renewable energy. In fact, Australia is becoming the foremost in installing solar panels on our roofs despite what the government is trying to do. This is sort of the people saying to them. stuff you. There are even people who are completely “Off the Grid” providing all their energy needs from natural resources.

Then we have the climate change deniers so watch this video where they are denying what we could do.

Did you also know that cows contribute to a higher proportion of greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide? (Methane from passing wind and burping). You can read more about this at “Cows and Green Energy

So what are we to do once we are completely up to date on the causes of climate change? Do you think we should use green energy more? How do we do this? By creating our own of course. Sun is natural but is only around for half the day.There are many ways an individual can generate their own renewable energy from green natural resources. We want energy for the things it will do for us, keep us warm, keep us cool, provide light, power all our electrical gadgets, provide transport and a heap of other things. We do not want to stop using it although there are ways to reduce the need for so much. Heating and cooling are a prime example where houses are built currently and in the past in such a way that waste a lot of energy. (and your money)

So let us find out how we can use green energy technology and also some ways we can stop the waste of this and give those polluting money barons a black eye. There are many ways to use green energy, solar electricity, solar water heating and solar pool heating are just a few ways plus they create green energy jobs. So people, ramp up and fix climate change by using green energy as much as you are able.