Causes of Environmental Pollution

When we talk about the causes of environmental pollution the first thing that comes to mind are things like gases from cars, transport, coal-fired electricity plants and many other things that spew noxious gases into the air. But there are many more cases of environmental pollution that you may not have considered, that greatly affect our environment and thus health.

Environmental pollution is a creeping curse on our livability and like anything creeping it mostly passes notice until it is too late. Just like the creeping jew plant. You see a bit of it and ignore. Suddenly it is all over the place and takes weeks or months to get rid of it. Unfortunately, if we ignore environmental pollution and if we ignore it for too long then we may never recover from it.

What are the environmental pollution types?

Wow! I bet you never thought of some of those. More detail about each of these later. Just click on the list above when they become live. But in the meantime just think about some of them and review how you think some of them may affect you and your family.

environmental pollution

One of the causes of environmental pollution I found was when I moved into a new house. I bought a house on a tram route and my bedroom window was in the front of the house mere meters away from a tram track. Trams clatter a lot and they went by about every twenty minutes. I didn’t sleep soundly and it showed in my tiredness during the day. I felt the cause was because of the clatter so I moved to a bedroom to the rear of the house where I could only hear the clatter faintly. I felt an almost instant improvement. This was how noise pollution was affecting my health by making me unable to get a good nights sleep. The clatter didn’t wake me up it must have made my sleep restless.

Now I have no problems with any noise pollution as I retired to the country into peace and quiet except for the cry’s of birds, grunts of koala bears and the moos of cows with only the occasional car or truck passing by.

Figure out what are the causes of environmental pollution in your area that are affecting you most that you don’t even realizing.