Causes Of Water Pollution

What do we think are the causes of water pollution? Do we think of runoff into the rivers and oceans? I think you will find it more than this. As well as thinking of these causes of water pollution we should also think who causes this water pollution. Lets guess, you, me, industry, farming and even natural occurrences (volcanoes, bush fires, etc.) Nothing much we can do about natural occurrences except prevent them occurring more frequently because of our contribution to climate change.

Who do we blame the most? Is it industry and farming? or is it us as individuals who want all the goodies produced by these. Individually we are largely responsible for a high percentage of water pollution. There were about 7.6 billion people living on this earth in 2018. Just think what pollutants you cause that end up in rivers and oceans in one day and multiply that by this 7.6 billion people it is not all manufacturing or agriculture doing that. Nevertheless, manufacturing and farming do contribute an enormous amount to the causes of water pollution.

causes of water pollution

Let us start with you (and me). Remember those plastic bags that are free at the supermarket? Do you know how many of them end up in the oceans of our world? Almost one trillion plastic shopping bags are used per year (320 billion in the USA alone).  only .5% of these are recycled. Where does the rest go? Landfill and a great many end up in our oceans. Currently, there is a plastic soup in the middle of the pacific that is said to be as big as Russia, Thinks, what is this doing to our marine life, what is it starting to do to our fish food.  Ugg.

Not finished yet. Let us talk about plastic straws. The USA uses 500million straws a day (that 182billion a year) I hate to think of how many are used in a year for the whole world. Guess how many of these end up in our waterways and oceans. I am starting to feel a bit sick.

causes of water pollution

We are not finished yet, what about all those causes of water pollution by runoffs from factories, pollution caused by fracking that pollutes our groundwater.