Effects Of Air Pollution

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Among all of the different types of pollution I would say the effects of air pollution is the worst. It is the worst for our environment, our living standards and worst of all our health. A double whammy here because if our health is effected so are our living standards because of the cost in providing health care. It is also probable, if unabated, it could bring to an end of our society as we currently see it and could even see the end of our world. It makes you wonder why there are so many people that simply ignore it. Or is it an attitude that says I live for today and my enjoyment and stuff how the effects of air pollution will make live unlivable in the future. (I’m alright jack.)

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To be fair there are many people who are concerned and are trying to do things that will help to avoid rampant air pollution in the future. Even some governments are trying to do something but others are not, predominantly for political gain. Let us look at some of the various types of air pollution.

Car  & Transport Emission Air Pollution
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It is said that transport (cars, truck, passenger transport etc.) contribute to almost 50% of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides., and 25% of hydrocarbons plus a great number of particulates. Without going into how some of these contribute to global warming let me describe how these can affect your health. (A bit closer to home here).

Carbon Monoxide  (CO2)

Reduces blood pressure the oxygen-carrying properties of blood thus depriving reliant organs of this. Particularly dangerous for those people with heart disease. (Yep! the heart needs heaps of oxygen).

Nitrogen Oxides

Causes respiratory problems particularly dangerous for people already with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Can even lead to people who have never suffered from asthma becoming asthmatic.


Hydrocarbons also leads to risks to the human respiratory system. Whats worse some of them are carcinogenic. (Whisper that horrible phrase “causes cancer”).

Particulate Matter

Once again this causes respiratory and cardiovascular problems. It is estimated that particulate matter has contributed to 29,000 deaths in the United Kingdom alone. This is probably why they have said that diesel-powered cars are being banned in urban areas by the year 2030. Diesel engines are known to produce much more particulates than petrol even though they produce less CO2. Particulate matter is much more dangerous to health.

So there you are. Want it to get worse? It will if we do not have the will to reverse it. This is just about health what about the effects of air pollution on our climate?

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