Climate Change Deniers

More and more we are seeing claims from climate change deniers. Why is this so? Well, I see it as most of those who do when drilling down is because most have some sort of vested interest. Most it is because of money. Yes greed again, stuff it if the planet eventually becomes dead. Not in my time they say, when I’m dead I don’t care.

climate change deniers

Some say it because of political expediency, they want to stay in power and the climate change deniers who are mainly power producers either providing oil or coal or are power providers using them handily contribute to hopeful political party bankrolls during elections.

Some of these climate change deniers come up with some outlandish comments (especially politicians) when some event occurs such as South Australia building the largest Tesla battery farm. Read about it under “Dumb Things Politicians Say“.

climate change denial

But fortunately, they can be climate change deniers all they want because the normal people of this world who have to put up with all the freak storms and such that are coming more and more, will eventually win. But it will certainly be a fight.

South Australia currently get 56% of its power from renewable sources, Roof top solar, wind farm etc. and is growing.

There is a little island in Denmark who have just about made it to 100% from renewable energy. The island is called Samso and 3,724 people live there. It has now the nickname of “Energy Island”