Most carbon dioxide comes from volcanoes.

One of the biggest reasons the climate change deniers give to deny climate change is that the large part of pollution comes from volcanoes erupting and this has been going on for ever. Yes indeed volcanoes do spew forth pollution in the form of carbon dioxide, smoke and debris. But how much is actually spewed forth today. As well as this how does it compare today to thousand and millions of years ago. Well millions of years ago the earth was still forming and volcanic action was happening constantly but there was not much life as we know it today.

These days, comparatively speaking, there is very little volcanic eruptions going on and I made a visit to some scientific websites. (you know those sites that have actual scientists contributing to them,) One website, “The Scientific American” had this to say.

Of all the volcanoes on land or underwater spews about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Wow! that seems a lot but lookee here. They also stated that all the worlds motor cars spew more than 24 BILLION tons of carbon dioxide into the air. That is 120 times more than volcanoes. Furthermore they state that of all the pollution created by humans, volcanoes contribute only 1, yes one percent to this pollution every year.

So there you are another example of non scientific and fraudulent example of deniers trying to con all of us so they can continue making their disgusting profits at the expense of our health and possible the extinction of life on this planet. Or maybe I can say possibly most of it as the slow extinction may possible reach a level where survivors may survive because there won’t be enough of us to contribute more to the pollution or maybe the privileged few that have built survival units at our expense. You can bet your bottom dollar that it will not be us normal people but will be the politicians who should have been responsible for stopping the cause of this extinction. But still again maybe we should also blame ourselves because we kept voting them in, Why? because I guess we were too comfortable living the good life at the time.

Well, the volcano denial cause has been debunked. What are you going to do about it?