Go Green And Find How Easy It Is.

We often wonder how easy is it to go green, in particular using green energy. Well, It’s not all that hard. Here is a selection of videos that will show you just how easy it is. Just think about it, if you can reduce your usage of polluting sources of energy and save the planet (whether you believe this or not) you will be on the way to being self-sustaining and lower your energy costs.
go greenSo How easy is it to go green? Here’s an example. Most people do not realize how much they use in electricity for lighting. I have a large country style kitchen. It contains 13 globes at an average power of 60 watts. If I left them on continually for 24 hours a day 365 days a week This is how much it would cost me.

Watts per day 780
Kilowatts per year 28,470
The average cost per kilowatt-hour 25 cents
Total annual cost $7,117

Well, this is silly I wouldn’t do this as I wouldn’t keep them on for 24 hours. This is a comparative study to show cost differential.

Let’s reduce this to a 10th of usage $711.70. This is still a big sum just for lighting. But I like a nice bright kitchen and we are now in the arena of low wattage led lighting.

I replaced the lot with an average of 10 watts each. This even with the first scenario of switched on the whole year reduced the cost to $1,186. Reduced to one-tenth then the yearly cost goes down to $118.

I still use the old ones to replace those that go bust in areas where I just want a momentary illumination. Eventually, they will be replaced with LED’s when I run out. Gee! why didn’t I think of this earlier? Sure LED’s cost a bit more but they also last a heck of a long time before they go bust.

This is only a small sample of what can be done. There are other things. Have you thought about generating your own go green power? Have a look at these green videos that will show you how easy it is to generate your own power as well as giving tips on how to save on energy usage whether it be from green or non-green sources. So go green and enjoy.

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