ECO Friendly Alternatives To Single Use Plastics

Are you interested in Eco friendly alternatives to single-use plastics? Are you a environmental disaster alienist, just don’t care or want it easy? if so, you may not be interested in them. Never mind the way things are going maybe you will find that it will get harder to live the easy life in the future if things go as they are.

Well if enough of us are concerned and do something about it then maybe it will not come about. Wait! if it is prevented by some of us doing the right thing then you will probable declare “Told you so, it was a hoax” Never mind I will tell others anyway how they can help in ways by reducing the use of single-use plastics.

eco friendly alternatives

Notice I said “single-use plastics” not “single-use bags” These have been given more air than anything about the chaos they cause. We have also been “programmed” to use plastic and a lot of us just automatically select a product and stick it in a plastic bag. I am amazed at the times I go into a supermarket and watch people pick up a bunch of bananas, pull off a plastic bag and stick then in it. Now! here is a fruit perfectly protected by its skin, conveniently grouped together (after all one picks all of them up in one hand) and some of us being programmed, stick them in a plastic bag. It’s not only bananas. I have seen people pick up a butternut pumpkin and do the same and with other single item veggies and fruits. I’ve even seen someone pick up a carton of strawberries already in a plastic box and stick them in a plastic bag. Then, of course, they all go to the checkout guess what? yep, they are all stuck into another plastic bag.

Enough of that. Let’s see what we can do about Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. First, we have to be honest as there are no complete alternatives to plastic. Plastic is sometimes essential to protect the hygiene of food but there are many ways to reduce the amount we use. Let us look at a few commonplace items we buy that use plastic.

Yogurt: How many times have we bought those packs of single-serve yogurts. Very convenient for putting into lunchboxes. Why don’t people buy a large container and then use reusable small ones. Not only do they reduce the amount of plastic used but they save you money because as you know buying larger costs less.

The humble cotton bud: Nowadays not only do these come in plastic bags but they are made of plastic. They are used for several things one prominent is to clean wax out of ears. Ha! where more than often do these end up? down the toilet, down the drain and more often end up in the environment somewhere. The same as ladies using them for makeup. There are alternatives to these for ear cleaning as there are reusable stainless steel ones out there.

Disposable Razors: Well these are bad. The blades may be made of metal but the rest is plastic. Try using reusable razors with replaceable blades. They will not get rid of all the plastic but reduce it by an enormous amount.

Disposable wipes: Now these feel and look like they are made of tissue paper but they are not. They are made of non biodegradable materials (usually plastic). Personally I would hate to use them on my skin because I do not know what chemicals are in them. If they are used to wipe surfaces there are easier and safer ways. For example put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and use a reusable cloth. Damn sight cheaper as well. Apart from this where do a most of them end up either in the bin or down the toilet again.

I guess I could go on and on and bore you to tears but I think above is enough to get you thinking. Think about using re-usable plastic containers for food storage in fridges instead of cling wrap or silicone wrap. Yes they are plastic containers but good ones can last for a very long time. Even if you have to eventually get rid of them at least you can stick them into a recyclable bin.

If you have read this far about Eco friendly alternatives then I know you are doing some intelligent thinking so I will leave the rest for you.