Green Energy Efficiency

green energy efficiency

Green Energy efficiency means using less energy while maintaining your comfort level. Technology now allows you to reduce your energy consumption in many of your appliances and services used in your home. As well as this we can still contribute the reduction in the causes of climate change by instigating a green energy efficiency regime. You can do this even if you are not using energy derived from non-polluting renewable energy.

So how do we implement a green energy efficiency program? Simple, conduct an efficiency audit on all your devices that use energy. You go through them one by one assess their power rating and see how you can improve on them.

One of the main areas of improvement is in the lighting area. How many incandescent lights are you currently using? Can you replace them with low energy lights? These come in the form of compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps. Led down-lights are becoming very popular and rapidly becoming cheaper. I recently replaced 3 x 50watt down lights with 3 x 6 watt LED down lights, a whopping great 800% power saving. I use these lights a lot as they are above my desk where I do all my work. Wow! How’s that for green energy efficiency.

You may say “What do I do with all my incandescent globes?” Do what I did, leave them in low use areas then use the replaced ones from high use areas when they fail. Yes, low energy lamps cost more but they last a lot longer almost 5 times longer.

What is green energy efficiency and why is it important?

Our energy use has a huge impact on the environment. We may not think of this when we turn on our light switches, turn up the heating or air conditioning. Our home energy consumption is one of the main causes of pollution in our atmosphere. The more efficiently we use energy, the less we pollute and just as an aside the more money we save.

Let look at a few pollution facts.

If you have a car similar to a Ford Excursion and replaced it with something like a Honda Insight, over an average lifetime you’d save $11,000 on gas and pour 107 less tons of CO2 gas into the atmosphere.

If you replaced your  old refrigerator with a current model you will produce 1,100 pounds less of CO2 and save about $80 a year on your bill.

Change your old top loader washing machine with a new front loader you would save $100 a year in energy, water, and detergent.

And what about this, change your 75-watt incandescent light with a 20-watt compact fluorescent light you would save 1,300 pounds of CO2 and $55 a year and that’s just one. Now did you say that changing your incandescent lamps was expensive? Changing them with LED lamps would give even more savings.

I could go on with other areas where green energy efficiency can be garnered. How well is your house insulated for example. I will write a separate article about this and point out where masses of energy wastage is happening.

So get started and complete your green energy efficiency audit and find out how much you can save and help to stop all these drastic weather occurrences happening.