Spray Foam Insulation Is a Great Way to Go Green

There is one sure way to help the environment and that is to insulate your home especially using my favorite insulation material, spray foam insulation. Shall I tell you something else? You can save heaps of money insulating your home. Lets have a discussion about how spray foam insulation can make you do your bit to reduce pollution and reduce your energy bills.

Not insulating your home causes the following wastage.

  • Increases the cost of warming your home because a non insulated home loses 60 to 70% to the outside air.
  • Increases the cost of cooling your home because of the heating effect from roof and walls.
  • Decreases your comfort level.

What does this mean? The more energy you use not only increases your costs but increases the contribution you make to air pollution and global warming.

There are four areas of a home where spray foam insulation can be applied.

The Roof Cavity.

The roof is a big contributor to heat coming into the home and for heat loss.

The Ceiling.

Even if the roof is insulated heat from a room can escape into the roof cavity where it can be wasted.

External walls.

Another big contributor to heat coming into the home and heat loss.


This is only applicable to raised floors where cold damp air can be felt coming through wooden floors. This can give that uncomfortable feeling.

spray foam insulation

Now after saying all about that, why is my favorite insulation material my favorite? This is because it does a complete seal and is the most easily applied to existing houses. How do you put pink batts or solid foam sheets into a double brick house already built. You sure are not gonna to rip the wall down. With spray foam insulation all that has to be done is to drill holes and pump it in.