The Tesla Electric Car

The Tesla electric car is produced by a company leading the way to a totally electrically driven car. That is the Tesla all Electric Car. No, this is not the clunky, boxy, grotesque looking thing that you see sometimes, neither is it like the Nissan Leaf a hybrid that still partially relies on gas. It is a full-blown electric car that looks like a car. Better than this, it looks better than most real cars.

How cool is this Tesla electric car?

Silver Tesla Electric Car

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S cost is up to US$92K or about but can vary according to battery size.

WOW! This Tesla electric car is even cooler.

Roadster Tesla Electric Car

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla roadster price comes in at about $100k.

So here is a company that is producing a “real” electric car, Tesla Motors. What gets me is why haven’t other car manufacturers produced a car like this considering that:

  • It’s a great looking car
  • It can drive 440km at a constant speed of 105km/h on a single charge.
  • It can reach 100km/h in 3.4 seconds (no slouch)
  • It can be charged quickly at home or can be super charged at locations springing up all over USA and the world.
  • Up to date it has sold 47,000 of these cars.

And all this with the usual baggers (oil companies and such. Now, even some state governments putting in legislation to try and stop the spread ) downing it.

But these baggers have lost out as Tesla has now has a too great a hold. I also consider these companies as stupid. Why? Because now they will eventually disappear because their products will run out. They should have seen the future and made a grab for this market and poured funds in developing their own. But no, they live for just today. In the meantime they just continue to create polluting products. They also try their hardest to pollute politics.

I remember when I worked for a couple of computer companies that were just living for the day. They did not see (although it was obvious) that the future game was in the PC. They thought that their current products would prevail. Alas these two great companies do not exist anymore.

Now we have a group of entrepreneurs producing fantastic Tesla cars starting from a small startup a few years ago. (Just like Google and Facebook and just look where they are today)

Here is the green Tesla Electric Car. Well lets be honest, not totally green as the electricity has still to be generated to fuel it and this is not always from green sources. But it is a start and I foresee that solar panels will develop more and more that they will eventually be able to install and mold them to the roof shape. Solar panels are rapidly getting cheaper and providing more power. The day will come.

The Tesla all electric car is not cheap but as all new things as this car spreads they will. The “S” type starts at about $73,000 US. But a new Tesla car, the Model X is expected out soon and is expected to be cheaper. This is a SUV looking car.

So would you buy a Tesla Electric Car if the price is right and start saving the environment?

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