Total Off Grid Power. Gahr Farm Australia.

Would you believe that a farm would function with total off-grid power? No power coming from anywhere else, nix grid connection, no generator no nothing except for natural resources. This is what a couple (Karl and Kathryn Knabe) did when they decided to move out of suburbia and buy 60 acres of land in the Selectric hills in Victoria, Australia. Not only did they decide to run a business raising goats but designed everything, their home their outbuildings all the trappings required to live a comfortable life and business.

The business they called Gahr Farm but to start putting it into place there was a big drawback. power. The problem was that there was no power lines close by that they could connect to and on approaching a power provider found that it was going to cost megabucks to get a transmission line installed. Well not quite mega but about $150,000. Fortunately one thing Australia has is plenty of sun. They decided to investigate a fully standalone solar panel driven system that would provide all the power they would need. Enough for the home essentials and enough for a complete series of electrical fences. (to keep those pesky goats in because they like wandering). As a matter of fact you can a video below where Karl discusses the implementation of electrified fencing (and you guessed it driven by solar power)

Karl and Kathryn had to think about lots of ways to save on power usage as they were totally dependent on the power from their solar panels and the power that was stored in their batteries. One unique way they did this was by moving water. They had about 135,000 litres of water storage and to save using a water pump to deliver water pressure to their home they placed a small tank up a hill. They then used solar energy during the day to top up the tank. With the tank being so high the gravity created enough water pressure to provide their needs during the night.

Now Karl and Kathryn have enough solar power for the needs of two homes and all their business needs and never have to worry about power from the grid where the prices keep on rising.

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